Must Read Story #2

Before her 18th birthday, the girl
wished to her boy friend a diamond
ring. Her boyfriend promised that he
would buy a ring. The girl was very
happy. She went to salon to have
some make-over to look beautiful on
her birthday. She bought make-ups,
new clothes and new shoes. The night
she’s been waiting for arrived. She
look elegant, gorgeous, the dream girl
of every man. Everybody was
focused on her. The party started
when her boyfriend arrived… with a
simple doll… The girl got mad at her
boyfriend. She thought that he would
give her a diamond ring instead of a
doll, she threw the doll. The guy ran
as fast as he could to save the doll.
But a car hit him…he died in hospital
after a few hours. The girl felt very
sorry, she cried every minute when
she remembered everything. In the
burial the girl had remembered the
good things happened to them… she
hugged the doll tightly..full of love and
regret… She was shocked when the
doll talked and said “ Happy birthday
baby, will you marry me? get the ring from the doll’s pocket .hmHope you like it. I
LOVE YOU”. The girl went outside and
shouted “I’m sorry baby! I don’t know
I love you too!”


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