Is this Love?

She left me alone,
And I started to cry,
But she never replied,
When I asked her “Why?”;

When she painted a flower,
I commented “Very Well! “,
But she broke my heart,
By replying “Go to Hell ! “;

She may forget me,
As she may decide,
But still I promise myself,
I will not commit suicide;

Her eyes are so nice,
Like a Deep Blue Sea,
And I want to be with her,
Because “I” is not as good as “We”;

Her lips are so sweet,
As petals of rose flower,
She could easily become,
The world’s greatest fashion star;

She has beautiful hair,
Which are very long,
I thought she loved me,
But I was totally wrong;

She never allowed me,
To take her to a date,
But for her to come back,
All my life I would wait;

I still love her,
With all my heart,
Because of my life,
She was the best part;

Please come back to me,
As my love is true,
But leaving me alone,
With someone else she flew;

Even on the deathbed,
May I ever lie,
My last wish would still be,
To in her arms, happily die;

-Parth Bhatia©


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