That Girl

When I saw her,
I kept looking for a while,
And she conquered my heart,
With her sweet smile;

I just didn’t know,
From where to start,
Because in love,
I was not so smart;

She was wearing,
A beautiful black skirt,
And I decided,
That I had to flirt;

I thought of her,
All night and day,
And in my heart,
I wanted her to stay;

My brain emptied,
As my heart filled,
And the feeling of love,
For the first time she instilled;

I came to know,
That the feeling was love,
And when I used to see her,
I felt as calm as a dove;

For that beautiful girl,
I kept my studies at stake,
And thinking of her,
All night I would lie awake;

When I met her,
My heart filled with joy,
But my heart,
She had to destroy;

That amazing feeling,
Now made me cry,
And while holding her hand,
I would love to die;

She would leave me,
That was my fear,
She said she was sorry,
But this I didn’t want to hear;

She just left me,
Thinking that I was a cheat,
But all my life I would wait,
Alone and lonely on the street;

When I saw her,
In her eyes I wanted to dive,
But now from this broken heart,
I would never ever revive;

-Parth Bhatia©


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