Come Back

Within a few weeks,
She became my mate,
But being with her always,
Was not in my fate;

With her beautiful looks,
She stole my heart,
But in Two pieces,
It just fell apart;

Sitting in the dark,
I started to weep,
Because in my heart,
She had penetrated too deep;

I had never thought,
That she would let me down,
And this deed of that girl,
Had made me frown;

To my heart,
She is still very dear,
And in her sweet voice,
“I love you too”, I wanted to hear,

In my life,
She played the main role,
And holding her soft hands,
I would like to stroll;

She comes in my dreams,
Every day and night,
But leaving me alone she ran away,
Just because of a meaningless fight;

When she said,
That she loves me not,
It just felt like,
My heart was shot;

Whenever I leave the world,
I would die on her laps,
Even if she plotted against me,
A Thousand cunning traps;

“Please come back to me”,
I could only say,
Because she wants to live her life,
In her own way;

-Parth Bhatia©


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