My Only Friend

Hey me dear Friend,
I wrote this poem for you,
But I think that your love,
Was not at all true;

She is the Goddess of Beauty,
In my eyes,
And I think that this decision,
Has made me somewhat wise;

Her voice is so charming,
Like that of a wind chime,
And dreaming of her always,
I would usually spend my time;

Oh! Darling,
I wish you were here,
Because to my heart,
You are still very dear;

She looks like a mermaid,
And indeed very cute,
Because she taught me love,
I should pay a tribute;

Darling was the word,
Which I very often used,
But her love for me,
Within a few weeks, reduced;

I want to tell her about my love,
But I am too shy,
And looking into her beautiful eyes,
I would like to die;

What she did to me,
Was totally wrong,
But now my heart is repairing,
And becoming more strong;

-Parth Bhatia©


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