Dream Girl

I fell in love with her,
At the first sight,
And thinking of her,
I lie awake all night;

When she looks at me,
In a different world I go,
But whenever I propose her,
The answer is always no;

When we were together,
We had a lot of fun,
But leaving me alone,
She just had to run;

She doesn’t talk to me,
And I don’t know why,
But still thinking of her,
All the time I cry;

Please don’t leave me,
Because I’ll start to cry,
Or I think I would,
Just go and die;

Now I know,
That I’m not so smart,
But this doesn’t mean,
That you’ll break my heart;

She now only exists,
In the World of my Dream,
And in my life,
She played a role, esteem;

-Parth Bhatia©


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