Must Read Story #3

There was a blind girl who
hated herself just because
she was blind. She hated
everyone, except her
loving boyfriend. He was
always there for her. She said that if
she could only
see the world, she would
marry her boyfriend.
One day, someone donated
a pair of eyes to her and
then she could see everything,
including her
boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her,
“now that you can see th
e world, will you marry
The girl was shocked when
she saw that her boyfriend was blind
too, and refused
to marry him. Her boyfriend
walked away in tears, and
later wrote a letter to her
“Just take care of my eyes


5 thoughts on “Must Read Story #3

  1. Heard this story one hundred times hoping for a better ending but she still took his eyes and ran with them. He should have just given her his heart by encouraging her to live through her disability because he fell in love with her regardless!!!!

      1. But it would have showed change isn’t the solution to a healthy relationship….its maintain the sparkle for the beginning. The sparkle with eventually turn to a fire that will burn forever….women always looking for a crying moment!!!!

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