Love to Live, Live to Love

I love you truly,
And it is not a lie,
This time when I propose you,
Please just don’t defy;

In my arms,
I’ll keep you forever,
Because in my life,
You’re more precious than a treasure;

I’ll always keep you happy,
Just give me a second chance,
I’ll take you to a candle light dinner,
And we’ll have some romance;

Keeping my feelings within my heart,
From Her World I flew,
But still thinking of her,
An image of that girl in my heart, I drew;

I never thought,
That you would betray,
And thinking of you all time,
Under the tree I lonely lay;

I would continue to love you,
Even if you rebuke and chide,
And for us to be happy,
From this jealous world we would hide;

-Parth Bhatia


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