Love Is Magic

Love seemed like a magic,
And casted a spell on me,
And holding her hands in my dreams,
Fills my night with glee;

I say ‘I love you’ to you,
But I don’t want a reply,
I just want to prove to you,
That I’m not a shy;

My life has become monotonous,
And there are no games to play,
Because I have a girl in my dreams,
Whom I would miss all day;

From this broken heart,
I would never recuperate,
And time emerged as my fatal enemy,
And forced us to separate;

A million words won’t make her come back,
I know because I’ve tried,
A million tears won’t make her miss me,
I know because I’ve cried;

I want her to be my lover,
Not because I want a kiss,
But because I need someone special,
Whom in my dreams I would miss;

– Parth Bhatia


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