Tear Drops

To my heart,
You’re still very near,
But I again start to cry,
Because your voice I could no longer hear;

It was simply love,
That has ripped off my vein,
But whenever I see you,
I somehow become insane;

I never stopped loving you,
And never ever will,
And whenever you are in problem,
Beside you, I would stand still;

In my heart,
You would always stay,
And if you’re kind enough,
My dept of Love you would pay;

Whenever I see you,
My heart fills with joy,
And to get you back in my arms,
A Romantic mission I would deploy;

The doors of my heart,
Will always be open for you,
Please come back in my arms,
When the sky is still blue;

In the darkness of night I cry,
Making my pillow wet,
Thinking that if we couldn’t be together,
We should have never met;

When I die and leave you,
Please don’t think of me and hurt your brain,
Because I’ll be with you forever,
And fall on your cheek as rain;

– Parth Bhatia


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