I’m Still Here

I don’t accept that you hate me,
Because I am stubborn,
And I still keep looking at the closed door,
Hoping for you to return;

In my dreams I see,
That with my heart you play,
And dreaming of you I would die,
Because I want someone there to forever stay;

When you go for an leave me,
I long for your essence,
And only thing that’s keeping me alive,
Is the desire of your romantic presence;

From my loving,
Heart please don’t ever go,
And to get you in my arms,
In front of God I would bow;

For you I would happily face,
The dangerous Devil of Death,
And I promise that I’ll love you,
Till my last breath;

When I was thinking of you,
From my eyes tears rolled,
And till the end of time,
Your memories I would behold;

I beg and pray to you,
That please don’t ever leave,
I always say “I love you”,
But I don’t think you believe;

When the sky you’ll explore,
You’ll find me as a star,
But I promise I’ll never leave you,
And not go any far;

– Parth Bhatia


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