Pixels Of Love

The Pixels of Love fall from my eyes,
Just like a drop of tear,
And I keep saying that I love you,
But I don’t think you hear;

Being in love with you,
Makes my Heart suffer from strain,
Because all my love for you,
Has now gone in vain;

Just say that you love me,
Even if it’s not true,
But you never loved me,
And with someone else you flew;

In front of you,
I would always flatter,
And it’s now causing,
My heart to shatter;

You are beautiful,
More than a fashion star,
And my everlasting love for you,
Can’t be proven by a Rose flower;

It’s the happiness of your presence,
That’s keeping me alive,
But from this heartbreak,
I could never revive;

Doubt is a luxury,
That she now can’t afford,
Because she was the girl,
Whom I always adored;

It were the Pixels of Love,
That filled colour in my life,
But you did not trust me,
And slit my Heart with a knife;

– Parth Bhatia


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