The Victim Of Love

Time will eventually fly,
People will inevitably die,
Memories will be forgotten,
And so will be I,
But I still promise my dear,
That I’ll never make her cry;

A million words won’t make her love me,
I know because I’ve tried,
A million tears won’t make her miss me,
I know because I’ve cried;

My crying soul she did not see,
And my eternal feelings she did not understand,
But I still hope that she’ll come back to me,
I still hope that she will come back and hold my hand;

Maybe someday she’d realize,
That my love for her is true,
Maybe someday she’d realize,
That her heart loved me too;

Her beauty lies in her splendid smile,
Her beauty lies in her ecstatic eyes,
And to catch a glimpse of her beautiful face,
My loving soul daily dies;

True love gives you golden memories,
No one can ever steal,
Lost love leaves you with heart deep wounds,
No one can ever heal;

From the cunning trap in her beauty’s labyrinth,
My loving, fragile heart would never be freed,
Because it’s not her mesmerizing kisses that I yearn for,
But it’s her charming whisper that my ears need;

From the dirty river of lust I stay away,
And in the refreshing air of true love I breathe,
Because it’s not her flawless body that I yearn for,
But it’s a glimpse of her beautiful face that I need;

The influx of nostalgia for the time I spent with her,
Would rupture my veins and make my heart bleed,
Because it’s not her romantic aura that I yearn for,
But it’s a single drop of her eternal love that I need;

When the epoch of my last days would take place,
And on the inevitable death bed I would lie,
I would exclaim that my last wish would still be,
To be in her arms, and happily die:

-Parth Bhatia


25 thoughts on “The Victim Of Love

  1. It’s awesome wonderful amazing
    Really so emotional touched my heart so much
    You are an amazing great poet
    Keep it up

  2. From one plus one forum somnathmukher. I like your poem bro. Simple to understand unlike many which usually go over my head so cheers….keep going.

  3. Oh man,you made me emotional.
    Every paragraph made me just love the poem even more.
    You drew me into your story,I must say it pretty well laid.
    Losing the loved is the worst thing that could ever happen to us and their memories just make us weaker day by day.
    Seriously man true love is hard to find.
    Good Work Bro,best of luck for your future.
    You have the potential to be a great poet.

  4. Your love poem made me to remember my love in same manner I love my love and really friend ur poem made me to cry

    No words to say but u made me cry

  5. nice work but i feel you lot more to say and hence the feel in the poem is incomplete
    secondly rhymes are bit missing at some point

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