You will always have the special place in my heart. I don’t know why you lied for 3 months, but it’s past now.
I feel it, and you don’t.
I feel it, and you won’t.


Rare Love, Ubiquitous Pain

True love is eternal,
Time just passes away,
And people fade away with passing time,
But memories forever stay;

Holding your hand I could never walk,
In your heart I could never stay,
But I still live my meaningless life,
Thinking of you everyday;

When I’d not be able to recuperate from heartbreak,
And on the inevitable deathbed I would lie,
My last wish would still be,
To be in your arms and happily die;

When I die and leave you alone,
Don’t think of me and give your heart pain,
Because I’ll be with you forever,
And fall on your cheek as rain;

I was the faithful lover’s fire,
You were the interminable rejection’s rain,
Your solitary deluge over my loving heart,
Left me alone with unfading, fatal pain;


-Parth Bhatia